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Just two guys spelunking in a simple cave. It's good, honest work. What more could you want?
The only problem is all the snakes, giant spiders, murderous shopkeepers, and various other things that live in caves.
Hopefully James and Aleks can keep it all together and save the all the dogs.

The following is for those multicultural.

Ieu sabenerna nyandak eta leuwih 20 menit nepi ka tungtungna login ka akun Aleks 'jeung mimiti muterkeun. Ieu hal paling excruciating Kuring geus kungsi

diawaskeun di sakabéh kahirupan mah.

Spelunker maximum officium est in mundo. Sine quibus carere non possunt esse planetam omnium insidias Indiana Jones. Nec quisquam in plateis volutabatur

Boulders fore tutam fore. Si vos volo ut servo vestri tutus a saxa in nocte, et respondebo "THANK MR SPELUNKER"

DOGGY SACRIFICE • Spelunky Gameplay
Thank you. 🐮🔪
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